Thursday, July 26, 2012
New Internet Package Service For Ramadhan From Simpati | Telkomsel - First of all, because this is all about an Indonesian provider, i guess i have to say some words in Indonesian language to honor the country before i'm going any further. Indonesian guys might search for the following words/sentences in Google Search for this post: Paket Internet Telkomsel. Paket Internetan Terbaru Dari Telkomsel Simpati. Paket Ramadhan Simpati. Paket Internet Unlimited Telkomsel Simpati Dan As. Paket Internet Unlimited As. paket Internet Kartu Simpati Dan As. Paket Opera Mini Dan Whatsapp Kartu Telkomsel Simpati Dan As. Let's pray Google won't consider it as keyword stuffing.

well, continue my post about Internet Service, now i'd like to let you know one more package service available today. In this Ramadhan, Telkomsel tries to bind more customers by providing 3 more packages of internet service for Simpati users (probably also applies to As users). They're package 225 MB + 30 Menit + 50 SMS (for Telkomsel Number only), Package Opera Mini + WhatsApp + Line, and Package Internet Sahur sepuasnya. These packages are supposed to please you with an unlimited data access with its own rules respectively. Below i try to figure out what they have and how to activate each of those services.

1. Package Internet 225 MB + 30 Menit + 50 SMS

This package charges Rp. 20.000 and will give you a quota of 125Mb (Plus 100Mb more that will apply only on the 3G network) + 30 Menit + 50 SMS applies for sending only to Telkomsel number, and the package will be active for 30 days. - To activate this package, you can dial to *999# or create a new SMS and type ULTIMA20 then send it to 3636.


- After the quota given completely spent, you'll be charged a normal rate to connect. In other words, it's not an unlimited package. You pay Rp. 20.000 for 225Mb (only 225Mb).
- Free 30 menit + 50 SMS will be given only at the first time you activate the package, you won't get it twice or more than it.
- Bonus 30 menit + 50 SMS is for Simpati users who're at Tarif Puas 2, Puas 2 Regional, or Shuffle Pack.
- To know what Tarif are you at, call *999# 2.
- This bonus valid from 5 July to 31 Oktober 2012.

2. Package Opera Mini + WhatsApp + Line

This package charges Rp. 20.000 and is for browsing using Opera Mini and/or chatting by using Line or Whatsapp. If i'm not mistaken, this is such an unlimited package, but no download. The package will be active for 30 days. Just make sure you have already the applications required to activate the package, Operamini/Line/Whatsapp.


- To activate the package, you can dial to *999#.
- The package applies to Simpati users. Check at official website for As users.

3. Package Internetan Sahur Unlimited

There are two options for this one, they're daily and weekly package. The daily package charges Rp. 1.500, and the weekly package charges Rp. 5.000.

Daily Package

- To activate, dial to *999#.
- You'll be given a quota of 150Mb (unlimited?, sorry i don't realy know).
- Valid for one day.
- Can be used only at 00.00-05.59 o'clock.

Weekly Package

- To activate, dial to *999#.
- You'll be given a quota of 1Gb.
- Active for a week.
- Can be used only at 00.00 to 05.59 o'clock.


- This package is valid from 5 July - 31 Oktober 2012.
- Bonus can be taken only if you have a pulse at least Rp. 150.

But, guys.. If you realy mean to buy an internet package service, as such you may want to consider three's packages. You know, three even offers a package for only Rp. 50.000 for absolutely a year-unlimited-access to Facebook (, Google, and some others. Plus chating on some well known sites. On top of that, you will "also" be given a 50Mb quota on each month for a yearfull. You have also an option to buy a quota to add to the package if you'd like to. In short, you pay Rp. 50.000 (only 50.000) and three will let you access for free a yearfull + 50Mb a month with an option to buy a (very cheap) quota to add to the package. There is even a quota of 500Mb for only Rp. 5.000 to buy, and it will be expired only if your package expired (a year). Just check it here to know more: Internet Unlimited Three - AON (Always On)

Rp. 20.000 for 250Mb? I'd pay Rp. 50.000 for a year. Think again..

Important! I don't guarante that every informations i said above are true. This article is just something like "saying nothing". If you wanna know the true about, you may get it from its official website. Maybe you can check at


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