Thursday, July 19, 2012
Download Nokia Symbian S60v2 Application: Ultimate Voice Recorder | Call Recorder | Screensaver | Java Wizard | Pdf Adobe Reader. Now i have some more applications for ya. Maybe they're not realy great, but i think it's fine to put them on your phone since they're just a few Kilo Bytes, such they won't affect your phone's performance. So get 'em on your phone.

Ultimate Voice Recorder: This aplication is capable to record voice or even a phone call conversion and save it as a WAV or AMR file. Almost every phone support that two file extensions.

Call Recorder: The same with Ultimate Voice Recorder above, this application functions to record a phone call conversation.

Screensaver: As you might guess, this application has the ability to change your phone's screensaver.

Java Wizard: It's an application with the ability to edit/modify files in a java application, like MANIFEST MF, etc. It's a python application, so you'll need a python launcher to run this application.

Adobe Reader: The function is to read pdf files which mostly include image in the file.


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