Friday, April 06, 2012
Well, now i'm giving away a lot game again. For these you won't need any emulator to run the games cuz they're just usual symbian games in sis and sisx entension, though some are maybe having a big size to play, 20Mb or there abouts. Let's just get down to the bussiness.

1. The Legend Of Sword And Fairy

Legend Of Sword And Fairy

This game comes from China and has two optional language to choose, English and Chinese, or at least that is what i know. This is a great game to play, and it's been proved as the game sold at least 20.000.000 counts of purchase over the world wide.

How To Install And Play The Game?

1. Download this file: Legend Of Sword And

2. Extract the file so you'll have this: file. Extract and install all files in that zip file on your phone.

3. Now move ahead as installing the file Legend And Sword And Fairy en.symbianOS9.1.sis in the file.

4. Last step, simply extract all files (including the folder) in the file to drive E:\ and you're done. And just play and enjoy the game then.

2. Hell striker 2 Hd S60v3

Hell striker 2

This Hell striker is belong to Action Game category and is standing for the further/advanced version of the previous release, Hell Striker I. - No more say for this one, just click on the screenshot to download the game.

3. ferrari GT 2 Revolution Hd Nokia S60v3/v5 N95 105 Signed E71 N81 N82 E90 E51 N6120

Ferrari GT 2 Revolution

Is one adorable game with 50 challenges of races to finish like "the Time Attack or Races Drift which over 10 different locations all around the world", for example. - There are more than 40 models of the New and Impressive Ferrari, 50 challenges to finish, different environments like rain, thunderbolt, little storm, at night, daylight, and realy more. Just give it a try and see yourself.

4. Vortexgame Airfight Heroes v.1.21 S60v3 Symbian OS9x

Vortexgame Airfight Heroes

You know what is this game just by seeing the above screenshot, right?.

5. Shadow Warrior Hd En S60v3

Shadow Warrior

This game was originally designated for use with Pc, but then poeple or maybe someone converted it into symbian game. It has an incredible 3D view and well it's wonder that the game has a big size of 23Mb. Just try the game to know more.

6. Super Mario Reserved Hd S60v3

Super Mario Reserved

I'm sure you know this more than me. It's got the fame since a long ago where nintendo was taking the time. Just download the game dude.

7. Pirates Of The Caribean S60v3

Pirates Of The Caribbean

You must be in the know already about this one. The movie has been popular and took three or maybe four series and they've all successfully gotten the fame.

Multiplayer Global Race

I'm not sure if the game is in english or other language. But whatever is it, you are going to tell me about, aren't you?.

9. DragonBird S60v3


DragonBird is belong to Plane Game category or such a name, i don't know what call is for that category. It's greater than Skyforce i think. Just try it.

10. Prince Of Persia HD S60v3

Prince Of Persia HD

Now you can just play the game, no emulator required, no too much move to make, just install the file and have fun.

11. Assassin's Creed Revelation S60v3

Assassin's Creed Revelation

This is an advanced version, you gonna love it. It has a richer feature and characters are added, plus the 3D view to please your sight of the game. Give it a try.

12. Rise Of The Triad S60v3

Rise Of The Triad
13. Space Impact S60v3

Space Impact

14. Need For Speed Undercover S60v3

Need For Speed Undercover

15. Lament Island S60v3

Lament Island

This game is belong to adventure game where in the play "someone is getting lost in a mysterious island so that one trying to find out the way out. - This game will tell you the true apart from anything, the true adventure, and feel as though you're the one who's lost in that island. Just give it a try.

Here is how to install the game.

1. Download and extract the file (click on the screenshot to download the file) so you'll have one folder (Foldersimlife) and one file (Lament Island.sis).

2. Now put the folder (Foldersimlife) on your drive E:/.

3. Install the file (Lament Island.sis).

4. Run the game and you're done with the "step".

If the game is asking for an activation code then you may type in any numbers to pass by it. It's not a matter at all, cuz the game's been cracked.

This game is Compatible not solely with S60v3, but many devices like:

*LG: JoY | KS10 | KT610.

*Nokia: 3250 XpressMusic | 5500 Sport | 5700 XpressMusic | 6110 Navigator | 6120 Classic | 6121 | 6210 | 6210 Navigator | 6220 | 6290 | Nokia E50 | E51 | E51 Camera-Free | E60 | E61 | E61i | E62 | E65 | E70 | E90 | N71 | N73 | N73 Music Edition | N73 Special Edition | N75 | N76 | N77 | N78 | N80 | N80 Internet Edition | N81 | N81 8GB | N82 | N82 Black Edition | N91 | N91 8GB | N92 | N93 | N93 Golf Edition | N93i | N95 | N95 American Edition | N95 8GB | N96 | And maybe more.

*Samsung: G810 | i400 | i450 | i458 | i550 | i560 | i570.

But maybe you can try even if your phone is not listed in the above, just don't forget to beg the almighty's blessing awhile trying the game, 'cause everything goes on when he says it go. - Good luck..


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