Monday, April 09, 2012
Well, jump a metre now have a new emulator namely Openbor Emulator. Just like the other emulators i gave away here on my blog this one is a newly known emulator, it's been a while now where this was first time known. This emulator is capable to read and operate file in ".pak" extension with measure up to 500Mb+. And to install or even to use this emulator is just as easy as piece a cake, here we go.

*Download the emulator here: Openbor Emulator.
*Install that emulator and then restart your phone.
*Now find the folder "Openbor" on your drive C:/, exactly here: C:/DATA/OpenBor.
*Now move that folder to your drive E:/. This is because every game that you install will be placed in this folder, so it should be placed on a large place like external memory that is generally having larger space.
*Last step, download the game and then extract it to drive E:\Openbor\Paks and you're done. Now you can play your game.

Here I Got You Some Games To Try


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