Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Basic & Advanced Guidance For New Blogger - Are You A Blogger Newbie And Need Some Advice? You Don't Know What To Do? What Things To Set? What Is The First Step? How To Create A Blog On Blogger? What's This, And What's That?

Well friends, today i wanna write a good enough article that as you can see it's a blogger tutorial for newbies. There always be a moment where somebody is called a blogger newbie and completely know nothing. He searchs through google just to know how to change his blog's template, add a gadget, or even worse to find a way to make a letter bolded.. What the fuck? Lol. :)

Okay, we start the lesson. This takes some hours on you, so we better not joking around.

How To Create A Blog On Blogger?

It's easy.. I'm sure you'll finish in minutes. Just visit Blogger Home Page and click Sign up or Create a new account. This step is required, just like on any other sites on the internet where you're asked to create your own id. Once you're done with the sign up proccess, means you have your own id already, you can use your id to sign in on many other google sites, like gmail, google plus, webmaster, wordpress, and many more. Yes, blogger is property of google..

Note that, you are recommended to publish at least one article as soon as possible after you're signed into blogger to avoid from being considered as a spammer by google

Basic Steps

What i mean basic steps here is not those like "how to create a post" or somekind, but steps that you have to do in order for your blog stay away from bad things, or about things that you'll probably have to know. Like to put your blog away from duplicate contents, creating a link in a post, etc. You'll be working hard for this, believe me.

*I'll write as short as i can

1. Create a link in post: <a href="">John Smith's Blog</a> . It generates this link: John Smith's Blog

2. Link opened in a new window: The same with above, but add this to the line: target="_blank".

3. Show an image in blogger: <img src="" style="border:2px #0f0f0f; width:300px; height:200px; margin:3px; padding:3px;" alt="Turn on image view on your browser to see this image"/>

Try to upload a picture through blogger post editor (create a new post) and you'll get clear about this

4. Create a clickable image: <img src="" style="border:0;height:30px;width:100px;" alt="Hot Car">
<a href="">

5. To give text a color: <font color="red">I'm the text to be colored</font>

6. Style text: There are many styles that you can apply for text, but i'll tell you just a few here. I don't remember much, i just remember 3 or 4 basic styles..

<b>Bold</b> = Bold
<i>Italic</i> = Italic
<u>Underline</u> = Underline
<strong>Strong</strong> = Strong

7. Define your blog description

Blog description is such an essential point for your blog if you want it to be known better by google search (By any search engine actually). Blog description is such a short introduction that describes what are your blog's contents about, that a crawler (Search engine) will try to find first before it crawl any further.

There are two options that you can choose here, through blogger setting tab and/or by adding it from your template.

a. Adding blog description through blogger setting page

Go to your blogger setting tab > Search Preference > Description > Activate > Write your description on the column availabe.

Note that your characters is limited here, you can't write more than (approximately) 200-300 characters. And that, this description is read a general description. Means that, whatsoever article you publish the description will be that description. If you want that every unique article you publish has their own description respectively, you'll have to add an additional description through post editor (Post editor is page where you create or edit a post)

I've written an article about this. Click here to read more about it: Blogger Meta Description

b. Adding blog description from template

This way require you to edit your template. But sorry, i won't talk any further about this.

8. Blogger Blog's Basic Foundation: Read here: Putting Blog On The Safe Place

Advanced Steps

The advanced steps here means things that you can perform later, like changing template, accessories, tip and tricks, and somekind. Take a look here and read whichever you wanna read: Blogger Tutorial

That's it my friends, that's all what i can tell today. If you're thinking that it's a junk tutorial or whatever, then maybe you're right. I mean, my intention to write this tutorial is to tell you the basic steps that newbies must do. I believe, newbies don't know what basic steps they have to do, they need somebody to tell them so they know that everything is right. It's somehow an important thing for newbies, right? :)

Well, now you know what you have to do with your new blog. If you have any question in mind, then just write your comment, i'll be glad to help you solve the problem.. I see you later. :)


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