Wednesday, April 04, 2012
Hi again guys, now i'd like to give away again a lot of Nokia S60v3 Games. Just as you might guess from the title above, i got 3 versions of Quake Games, 6 of Redux Game series, and some games of ScummVM Emulator for your more collection. Let's just straight disscuss them.

1. Quake Game

Maybe this is not a fresh game anymore and many poeple have disscussed it, no doubt. But whatever, since the game is good, great, and impressive, i think it isn't any reason for us not to play this game. This game is much adorable in case of sound and 3D graphic, it's just as perfect as graphic a pc can displays, i think. - Let's just let the screenshots shows how great is the game. Here they are.

quake 2 quake 1 quake 3 quake 5

quake 4

Look Great?. You Got 'em.

This game has several versions to play, maybe four total, but i got only three, i couldn't find the third version. - To play the above games, first you need to install the launcher to help you run the games. Here we go.

1. Download and instal Pips Instaler on your phone. If you have it already, then skip this step.

2. Download and install C2Doom 1.05 S60v3.

3. Choose one file of the following option according to your phone model and then download and install it (or maybe just download the both and try to run 'em to know which one is compatible).

*Quake 1.05 Arm v6 Fpu or Quake 1.02 Arm v6 Fpu = With OpenGL and full graphic acceleration: N95, N95-2, N82, E90, etc.

*Quake 1.05 Arm v6 Nofpu or Quake 1.02 Arm v6 Nofpu = Without OpenGL and full graphic acceleration: 5700, 6110, 6120c, 6290, N81,N73, etc.

I packaged all the above files in one, here: Quake Game Launcher

After you have the two applications above then you are ready to play any types of Quake Games, which it's simple to run them. - Let's say, supposing that you have one game (maybe not yet a game, but file, so let's just call it file) and mean to play it, then what you have to do is just to extract the files to drive E:/ on your phone, and then rename the folder from "Quake 2" into "Quake2" (without space), like this: E:/Quake2. And, if you want to add the background sound onto the game, you can download the following file: Quake 3 The sound should contain 10 mp3 files and the name should be arranged from 1.mp3 until 10.mp3 . And, you have to create a new folder for its mp3 files. Here is your example: e:/quake1/cdaudio/[create a new folder and place your mp3 files here]. Now you're done. I mean, run the launcher to play its game. - That's all guys, here are the games.

2. Atlantis Redux Game

This game has some part to play, there are about 5 i got, part 1 to 4 and one full version. Ain't like the Quake Game above, this game doesn't need any emulator or any other third party to run, means you can straight play the game with your phone. Let's just let the screenshots explaining how great is the game.

atlantis 4 atlantis 6 atlantis 1 atlantis 3 atlantis 2 atlantis 5

Here are the games

3. Games Of ScummVM Emulator

Take a look at my previous post for detail information about this game. Here it is: http://j-smith-site. games-for- nokia-symbian- s60v5-v3-v2.html. - And here are the screenshots.

sam and max

Secret Monkey Island


Monkey Island

Indiana Jones

Here are the games.


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