I'm an Indonesian, and my name is John Smith. I'm charming, helpfull, respectfull, rich, always understand my soulmate, easy to give, and humble, and patient too. That's all true..

I love blogging, i write everything what i see, i find, i discover, or maybe even just what i feel. I've published quite much articles on my blog, and i'm sure i will be publishing even more and more again everyday.

John Smith

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John Smith

I thank you you have visited my blog, i do, and i thanks a lot if you are my loyal reader, i wish i got some. I hope you won't get bored to visit my blog, cause i do my best to get you fun.

Just don't hesitate to complain to me, cause it would be a good thing for me, and i also want to be close to you, like i want to be close to everybody.

Currently i'm active only on Facebook, but i occasionally also go to Google+, i have one id on Google+ of course. My name on Facebook is Bruce Barner, but you can visit my Blog's Fan Page to say hi to me instead of visiting my facebook id. While my Google+ name is John Smith.

You have a nice day okay, may God bless you..