Friday, July 20, 2012
Tips And Tricks About Website Health?. let's laugh at me. I got confused to give this article a title. I meant to title it with "for" but i didn't see it would be good. I thought of "healthy" but i didn't see it would be good, too. And finally i found the one that suits it, "about". Maybe tomorrow Google will kick my as for this.

Back to topic. About site health. How to know if your site remains healthy? And how make it healthy if it's not?. It's not such a hard thing at all, you can check your site health as well as making it healthy if it's not using only Google Webmaster Tools. Yes, that google's tool again. I told you many times on my previous posts, Google Webmaster Tools is the key to be success in Google search (Did i say i've been successfull in Google search?). Below i try to figure out how to check and make it healthy if it's not.

To know if your site's healthy, you can check your site's information on Google Webmaster Tools. There are three pages that you have to check, here they are.

*Crawl Errors Page: The Crawl Errors page provides details about the URLs in your site that Google could not successfully crawl or returned an HTTP error code when crawled. Thus, if you find many erors on that page, it's possible that your site is not realy healthy. Here is where the page located: Webmaster Tools Home page > Click the site you want > Click Health > Click Crawl Errors. The erors that you may find here are those that are loaded unsuccessfully or page not found. There are two steps that you have to make to solve the problem: First, you have to check your template code, there must be a broken code in it. Second, copy all urls google marked as erors on the Crawl Erors page and then submit url removal for them (only if previously the urls existed on your website, but now no longer exists). Don't forget to mark the eror page that's been solved as fixed after you fix it, so may it won't make you confused next time you check the page.

*Malware Page: You can find out if your site has been identified as a site that may host or distribute malicious software (one type of "badware") by checking the Webmaster Tools home page. You'll find a notice if your site has any problem.

*Duplicate Content Page: You can check the Html Improvements page to know if your site troubled with duplicated content or not. You'll find the page here: Webmaster Tools Home Page > Click the site you want > Optimization > HTML Improvements. You have extra steps to solve this problem, read my previous post: Removing Duplicate Content

That's it guys, three pages of Google Webmaster Tools that you have to make sure they're in good condition to have your site remains healthy. Just note that this is about site health and not Seo, though they're realy related to Seo.


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