Thursday, July 05, 2012
It's such a duty to post your content to social networking if you're a publisher. This is one of so many ways that you can make to boost your page views. There are so many social networking to take advantage, and one of them is twitter, one among the most biggest ones. Here i gonna you how to post your website's contents to twitter automatically so you won't have to post it yourself, cuz i know you're the most lazy boy in the world that won't ever be willing to write a letter for your own website but in other side you also want it to be the big one. - Am i guys right or truly am i just talking about my own self do you think? D

To post your content to twitter automatically you can take advantage of the feedburner's service. Here we go.

1. Make sure that you have registered your website to feedburner already. If you haven't, then you may want to read my older post here.
2. Go to the "Social Bookmark" tab of your feedburner.
3. Click on the feed you have registered.
4. Click on the Publicize button.
5. Click on the thread Socialize.
6. Click on the "Add a Twitter account" and you'll be directed to a loggin page.
7. After, you'll have to decide the format of your content to post to twitter. There are perhap two option, "Post content" and "Title And Body", just choose the second (Title And Body) if you prefer to post your content neither the title along with a summary of the content to twitter.
8. Click the "Active" button on the bottom side and you're done.


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