Sunday, May 06, 2012
Well, as you can see that lately i become so seldom updating my post here, i got a realy bad lazy especially to post games like what i did few times ago. And well now i had better not to post any more games here, just for now, perhaps. - Just like the title, now i'd like to disscuss about a thing in relation to blogging affair/blog tutorial and related to Google Plusone, Verifying Content Authorsip On Google. As you might knew already that since the Google +1 came up now publishers can verify their authorship of the contents they publish. By doing it, their profile picture will now be included/shown up along with the article just as usually on the google Search Result Page (SERP). and that it could also help their content rank a lot more highly in search result.

Here Is How To Verify Your Authorship To Google.

1. Create/Edit Your Google +1 Profile

*Go to https:// and then create your account if you haven't had one yet.

*Now i'm considering you have had already an google account, well go to your Google +1 profile editing page by clicking on the Profile> Edit Profile thread and then fill in every fields as required, and don't forget to include your real photo in the profile. Here are the main fields you actually need to fill in with your information, just a few. And here i also provide you with the patern how to fill the field, too.

- Contributor to: Just fill in it your website's address/url and then set the visibility/parameter to "Public" (Truly you may set it as you want). And save after you get done with it.

- Home: Piece a double cake (means much easy).

- Work: Piece a double cake. But you should note that this field requires your email ("The same email that you use to loggin into your website"), so you may want to set it not to be visible for public.

Those three fields are the main fields that you should specify. Yet, it doesn't mean that the other fields are not important, you should specify all the fields as required.

*Now save your changes by clicking the "Done Editing" on the top side. And after, check back again the "Work" field that you've just specified with your email address. There must be a link with anchor "Verify" on the field now, just click it so that google will send a new message to the email you just specified for verification.

*Now check your inbox and verify your email address just by simply clicking on the link attached in the email.

*You'll be notified just right away once you've successfully verified the email address. And, right to the "Work" field on your google+ profile will be marked with a green check sign means you've successfully verified it.

2. Connect Your Website To Your Google+ Profile

How To Connect Them?

You can connect them just by simply putting a "author link" on your website. Example author link: < a href="https://[here is to be filled with your google+ profile id]?rel=author">Your Google+ Name< / a >. Here is how i link mine: < a href="https://">< / a >

"Google+ Profile Id" is a 21 digit number included in your google+ profile page url. Or just visit the and then find any url that includes a 21 digit number in its url to get it, it should be your profile id. Here is the url when i clicked on my name on my own profile: It contained just 19 diggit number and is not like to be my id. I don't know why, but it's just different with the id i got previously i checked it.

Just note that your Google+ Profile's name should be match/the same with the name you use on your website, may not be different.

After you read the above explanation, i'm sure that it could help you much if i tell you how i made my own, couldn't it?, I didn't make to a hundred percent the same with the way i told above, but it's slightly different. - I'm trying my best to explain. Take a look at the below.

1. Put the following meta tag inside the tag < head>: < link href=' ' rel='publisher'/>. Just replace my Google+ id with yours.

2. Find the following code in your template: < span class='fn'><>. There could be three of the above code in your template, just replace the first one with the following: < span class='fn'>< a href='' >Your Name Here< /a>. Again, replace my id with yours. And sure to put your name too.

And that is all guys. To check if everything is running properly on your website, which means that Google Web Crawler can parse the codes you just added into your template, you can visit the RichSnippets page of google and then enter your website url. Here it is .

I can guarante that everything is running well if you'd never modified your template. Otherwise, it may load some eror, but maybe not. - When parsing my template a few times ago, it loaded some eror, like:

'Warning: Missing required
field "updated".'

'Warning: Missing required
hCard "author".' - And some other.

In case you get that warnings or such warnings, you may want to post a comment below. They're all just about "some codes" that mostly below (or around) the element "< data:post.body/>.


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