Monday, April 15, 2013

Installing Facebook Home On Any Android Smartphones And In Any Country Using Patched APKs @Tutorial About Facebook Home app, Android Smartphones, And Patched APKs

Some of you here may have ever tried to download the Facebook Home app hoping that i'd be working on your android smartphone too, but then what you got was disappointment. As you may knew, the Facebook Home app does not currently support for every android smartphones, just five of those are supported including the Htc First, HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Samsung Galaxy Note II. Even it's not available for every country, just a few country are supported.

But the good news is that, Android is easy to tweak, and "MoDaCo" has released the Facebook Home and updated Facebook apps a few days ago, the app itself will also be commited to the Google Play Store, it's just a matter of time. Now, founder Paul O’Brien has released a new Home APK for universal and for free.

How To Install Facebook Home On Any Android Smartphones And In Any Country Using Patched APKs?

It could be a little complicated if your android doesn't belong to the four android smartphones that are supported by the Facebook Home app itself, it's just a little bit, not realy realy complicated. If your device is supported by the Facebook Home app, but you don't belong to the countries supported, you can simply install this APK to make the Facebook Home works. Just make sure that you have updated already your main Facebook app and Messenger to the latest versions. After you successfully install the APK, enable your Facebook Home from the Facebook app settings and you're done.

However, if your device is not supported by the Facebook Home, you need to uninstall your Facebook app first using this leaked APKs, this could be a bussiness if the app itself is part of your ROM. After you're done with your uninstallation proccess, install this three Patched APKs and you're finish: Facebook app, Messenger, Home.

Check out O’Brien’s thread if you face any trouble, maybe you'll find the answer for your trouble..


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