Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tweet And Retweet Using Classic Retweet Is The Best Thing You Can Do On Twitter

If you are a Twitter lover and active in tweet, you'll definitely love this Classic Retweet, it's an add-on Firefox. The more you are active on Twitter, the more often you do tweet and retweet, is that right? The only thing that may blow you up to do tweet or retweet is that you have to copypass text that you'd like to tweet or retweet if you'd like to include the text of its tweet on your tweet, is that right again? Well, here is where Classic Retweet will work for you, this add-on will let you to do tweet and retweet without you have to copypass any text to include its text of tweet onto your tweet.

Oh.. I said tweet too many times huh? Let's move down and get away from it..

Classic Retweet itself, that which is an add-on Firefox, will display on your Twitter account as a menu and stands together with some default menus that you have on your account, like Reply, Retweet, Favorite, and maybe some others.

Normally, when you'd like to retweet a tweet (It's still tweet?), you'll copy the text of its tweet and paste it into the text box then maybe you write your own text below its tweet. But now, if you install this Classic Retweet, you won't have to copypass the text of its tweet anymore, the software will automatically include that text into the text box for you, you won't have to do anything, just write your own text and post it and done. Shall not you love it?

How And Where To Download Classic Retweet?

1. Download and install this Add-on Firefox

Of course this add-on is only for Firefox browser, you're not going to use it with your Chrome right?

2. Go to your Twitter account.

3. Pay attention on a tweet and you'll find a new menu among the default menu, just give it a click and the whole text of its tweet will be included into the replay box automatically.

4. Just tweet it and you're done.

That's it! Tell me later if you're getting more deligently tweeting after this.


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