Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twitter Is Heading To Add A new Feature Called Nearby

Just a few days ago, Twitter has added a new interesting feature called Music, and now this social network is reportedly heading to add a new feature again called Nearby. This feature, according to the source, has been in test on the site by official members.

The function is a little bit alike to the Music. If the Music functions to analyze musics that the user is listening, then Nearby functions to analyze tweets and specify the locations to show to the user.

Let's say.. Suppose that you are now being in "Desa Makmur" in Jakarta, and that you are running Nearby, you can access or show every tweets made from around the area.

The feature itself is said to boost better interaction betwen each user, to facilitate users to interact with as many Twitter users as they can, not stuck on those who are among their circle. At the same time, users can also add / follow those who they find, it's however a good way to find some new friends, isn't?


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