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Telkomsel Flash - Paket Internet Unlimited Dari Telkomsel - Bagaimana Cara Daftar/Mengaktifkan/Registrasi Paket Flash Harian/Mingguan/Bulanan? Apa Sih Paket Telkomsel Flash Unlimited Itu? Berapa Harga Paket Tersebut? Gimana Cara Setting Hp/Modem'nya? Please appoligize to those who're not Indonesian or those that are not living in Indonesia, cuz this post is about an Indonesian provider. And i appoligize for i'm lately posting about Indonesian provider, though it's realy rarely. I wish you all were fine with it..

Well, i'm sure many of you have known already about this internet package service which is offered by Telkomsel, if you're an Indonesian of course. This provider pledges fast (maybe they mean "the fastest") data transmition for those who use their packages, like one that i know is Package Flash Unlimited. Yet, you gotta be aware that not every place will get that "the fastest data transmition" cuz it's likely only for those who're in a big city. Even worse, it "may" be available only in Jakarta, or may be even much more worse it's available only in a specific area in Jakarta. Some times ago when i lived in Jakarta, i ever tried Simpati, which is a provider belongs to Telkomsel. And you know what, i got only 3-5 kbps download speed that would take about 3-4 minutes to download file 1Mb in measurement. So i got a question: "Is it kind of 3G network? Or maybe edge?". Oh, realy.. It's not. I say it was an unkown network, not yet named, though the fact the indicator showed 3G was running on my phone. That was realy realy *uck. I hate that provider more than i hate every guys who ever hurt me.

True, that is my experience with Simpati some times ago in Jakarta. Fortunately, now in the village where i currently live in, the signal is getting, getting, getting even worse. Now it could take about 20 minutes for 1Mb file. I hell love it.. :)

Well, let's go down. Beside you can have its Telkomsel Flash through Grapari Telkomsel and/or by buying Modem with Perdana Telkomsel Flash, you can also buy it by only using your usual As or Simpati Selular Card. There are about five options that you choose here, Rp. 5.000 (30Mb), Rp. 10.000 (60Mb), Rp. 50.000 (300Mb), Rp. 100.000 (1Gb), Rp. 200.000 (2.5Gb), and package Fun Night. Take a look at the below for more detail about.

No Package Quota Active Speed
1 Rp. 5.000 30 MB 1 Day 384 Kbps
2 Rp. 10.000 60 MB 1 Day 1 Mbps
3 Rp. 50.000 300 MB 14 Days 512 Kbps
4 Rp. 100.000 1 GB 30 Days 1 Mbps
5 Rp. 200.000 2.5 GB 30 Days 2 Mbps

There are two ways to activate the package. First, by dialing to *363# from your phone (or modem) and then choose option 2 (Flash Unlimited). Second, you can activate it via Sms. Read the below to activate via Sms.

No Package Sms Format Send To Information
1 Rp. 5.000 UL ON 5.000 (Or, UL ON 5 / UL ON 5k) 3636 Daily Package: One time activation. The package won't continue automatically to the next day.
2 Rp. 50.000 UL ON 50.000 (Or, UL ON 50 / UL ON 50k) 3636 Daily Package: One time activation. The package won't continue automatically to the next day.
3 Rp. 100.000 UL REG 100.000 (Or, UL REG 100 / UL REG 100k) 3636 Monthly Package: The package will continue automatically to the next month.
4 Rp. 200.000 UL REG 200.000 (Or, UL REG 200 / UL REG 200k) 3636 Monthly Package: The package will continue automatically to the next month.

If you'd like, you can also buy the package through And, in case you want to check your package status, you can create a new Sms message by typing UL INFO and send it to 3636 (free). Or if you want to stop your package, you can create a new Sms message with format: UL OFF, and send it to 3636 (free). Or dial to *363# from your phone (or modem).


*The package is for Simpati prabayar users, As, and Perdana Flash Unlimited.
*Price has included PPN.
*For domestic use only. You'll be charged additional tax if you're in roaming area.
*Your speed will be called down to max. 64kbps after your quota has been completely spent. However, you can still buy Package TURBO to recharge your quota. Turbo itself is available for Rp. 50.000 and Rp. 100.000.
*Your Access Point Name (APN) has to be: Internet or Telkomsel.

Midnight Flash Unlimited

Maybe this package is preferable. It offers 2 options, daily and monthly, and both are powered by 2Mbps data transmition. The daily package charges only Rp. 1.000 (100Mb of Quota), but that is unlimited. However, the package is active only from 00.00 to 06.00 o'clock, and sure for only one day. While the monthly package is available for two options of price, Rp. 25.000 (3Gb) and Rp. 50.000 (8Gb).

How To Buy?

1. Daily Package

*Dial to *363# from your phone (or modem) and choose "Paket Promo".
*Or, create a new message and type FUN ON 1000 (or FUN ON 1k) and send to 3636.

2. Monthly Package

*Dial to *363# from your phone (or modem) and choose "Flash Unlimited > FUN Night".
*Or, create a new message and type FUN ON 25.000 (or FUN ON 25 / FUN ON 25k) and send to 3636 for package 25.000. And FUN ON 50.000 (or FUN ON 50 / FUN ON 50k) for package 50.000.

To check your package status, you can create a new Sms and type FUN INFO send to 3636. And, in case if you want to buy a new package when your current package is still active, as such you'll have to unreg your current package first. You can make it by creating a new Sms and type FUN OFF send to 3636.

Very Important: Before you buy any of the above packages, i suggest you consider three's packages. Did you know? There is even a yearly package for only Rp. 50.000. Yes, you read it correctly, 50.000 for a-year-unlimited-access. Not 50.000 a week, not 200.000 a month, not even 1.500.000 a year. Read here: Internet Unlimited From Three. Have fun my friend.. :)


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