Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Boost Mozila Firefox Speed To Load Page - Firefox Browser Runs So Slow, How To Make It Faster?. No matter how good your internet connection, your browser will eventually be getting slow down though may you won't feel it if your internet connection is realy fast enough in transmiting the data. That, one of some reasonable causes is because your browser puts chace on your device simultaneously. The chace is little by little getting bigger and bigger again till eventually it will fill up every empty space in your drive, and when you have no more empty space in your drive, your device will become much slower. And possible it's not only your browser performance that's getting slower, but also your device performance in operating the system.

As people say, no a matter can't be solved. As any other browsers, Firefox also provides a feature where you can take advantage of it to manage your chace. Yes, i'm talking about Mozilla Firefox here, not others. If your browser is not Firefox, then find yourself where is the feature located. Read the below for complete instruction for Firefox browser.

1. Open your browser.
2. Type in the following command in your address bar and then click enter/proccess: about:config
3. You'll find a notice like this: This may void your warranty!. Just ignore it, click "I'll be carefull, I promise!".
4. Now let's set the preference. Follow the below.

*network.http.pipelining --> Change the value for this one to True. Make a "double click" on the point to change it.
*network.http.proxy.pipelining --> Change the value for this one to True.
*network.http.pipelining.maxrequests --> Change the value for this one to 30.
*Click right on "empty/blank/unused space" on your screen. Just click everywhere beyond the setting's field.
*In the setting field, click New > Integer > And then type in nglayout.initialpaint.delay in the field and set the value to 0 (zero).
*Click right again on "empty/blank/unused space" on your screen.
*In the setting field, click New > Integer > and then type in browser.cache.memory.capacity in the field available and set the value to 30000. It means you give Firefox only 30MB Ram for its chace space. Firefox won't take more than it.
*Save your preference and you're done.

Additionally, you can also disable image view if you'd like. You know, you may save more than a half data connection if you disable your image view. For example, "if" your browser loads 200Mb to open this page in normal view (means image view enabled), then it may load only 60Mb that you disable its image view. It saves a lot, right?

To disable image view in your Firefox browser, you can go to Tools > Options > and then go to the Content tab. All what you have to do here is just to uncheck the option "Load image automatically".

There are maybe several points that may cause your browser's performance getting slow down, but i think those two matters that affect the most. Chace, can just consume your drive till completely used. And images, make your browser loads "150Mb" more data. Isn't it crap?

These two matters apply in just any browser, Chrome, Explore, Safari, till any mobile browser like Operamini for example. And how to handle these problems are the same, clear chace and disable image view. Such, suppose that your browser is getting slower, or if you want it loads faster, you can make these in your browser.

Have a nice day everybody. :)


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