Sunday, February 12, 2012
Talking about template codes, sure you too knew that the more codes a template has then heavier blog load will be held as the exchange of size of the codes. Especially java script, it could make your blog load become much much heavier as it has more priority than any other codes to load to any browsers. Not to mention, it loads at least one content to show that for sure it will make your blog load heavier too. And therefore everybody, i advise you be wise to use java scripts for your template :D. Some bloggers say that it is better not to put java script in the up side, but put it in the down side. It's not realy bad to add some scripts into the down side cuz it will be proccessed only after contents in the up side has been proccessed. Yet, it doesn't mean that the script doesn't make effect to the blog load.

Is there any way to decrease the blog load? Sure, beside you should be wise in making use of java scripts, you can compress your template codes to reduce the size of template, including java script codes. But be carefull to compress java script as the code generated by compressor might isn't arranged as is as the orign code you provide. According to my experience almost every scripts are complicated to be re-arranged properly.

Enough To Make Bullshit, Now Let's Start Action

As your template includes not only one type of code (and every templates as well), and no compressor is having the ability to compress the different code type by the same place at once, then to compress your template you have to divide your template codes into three parts according to their type that you want to compress the whole codes. Which are Css, Html, and Java Script.

The following are sites that i use to compress my template codes

1. To compress your Css codes you can visit I love this compressor cuz it offers me quite much options in the "Advanced" menu. I have an option if to compress by "99% safe" or lower, or even by "Custom" which means i determine which codes to be compressed and which are not.

What you should remember is that "Css codes are located inside the element b:skin". It means every codes in betwen < b:skin> and < / b:skin> (< b:skin>Css Codes< /b:skin>).

2. To compress your Html codes you can visit And for your information again, your Html codes are located inside the element body. It means every codes after the tag < body> and before the ending tag < /body>.

3. To compress your Java Script codes you can visit And for Java Script codes location, they are located inside the element head. It means every codes after the tag < head> and before the closing tag < /head>. "And", that are not including Css codes. Or let's just say it: every codes beyond Css and Html codes. - Actually you can even compress your Css codes in this site, but not with realy much options.

Well, now you know how to decrease your blog load. Good luck dude.


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