Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Previously i've published two handler application for android phone, perhaps Android Market Downloader and Opera Mini 6.5 Handler, i don't realy remember about. Now i post again a lovely application for android users, Opera Mini Next 7 handler. Maybe i know nothing about this browser version (much more about android), but i can assurance you'll love to have this browser installed on your android or so on your j2me phone. For this version, out of handler and reverse ip features, my brother hasn't added anything to make it more perfect. For the view, it's alike to the 6 versions. For menu, it has some more to offer.

Let's talk about the home page of j2me built version of this newest opera for the example. On home page, you will now have a choice whether to display speed dial or home page where you don't have on the 6 versions. Take a look on the two screenshots below which the first one is showing the display of speed dial and the second is home page.

Display Of Speed DialDisplay Of Home Page

Ok, whatever else... The most important thing is that the most wanted feature has been added already into the browser, we can still wait for the others. Well just download the file below and then go surfing as you want. Don't want to pay a cent for your internet connection.

Opera Mini Next 7 Handler For Android.apk

Opera Mini Next 7 Handlerui 203 For All (This is a signed version for java phones)


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