Tuesday, April 30, 2013
The original game "Cut the Rope" had been successfull to steal gamers' interest through its simple yet challenging gameplay, even then the success was followed by the second edition "Cut the Rope: Experiments", that which the game itself was known as a sequel release of its first game. Now, just a year and a half after the second game release, the third edition is ready to follow the success stories the first and second edition have ever made.

The third edition is named "Cut the Rope: Time Travel". It doesn't change much, it just adds some new twists like an extra character, adds one more candy in each level, and somekind.

If previously you had a monster to feed, in its third edition you'll have two monsters and two candies to feed to in each level. The rule is that you have to feed the both monsters individually, you can't just feed one of those, both must be fed. And that, if you drop any one or even both of those, the game's over.

There are also several new mechanics, like metal chains that can only be cut using blades, ability to pause time, freeze candy and other objects mid-air, bombs that will explode if you drop your candy on those, the resultant explosion can then be used to propel the candy to a desired point, flying candy that floats around and follows the motion of the other, regular candy and a large clock that can be used to move some of the objects on the screen around.

My favorite, though, is the one where you have just one monster on the screen at a time and you have to use the candy to flick a switch on the screen for the other one to appear from behind a stone platform.

You can blaze through most levels with consummate ease and only a handful of levels pose real challenges. It doesn't help that there are just 90 levels in the game which mostly can be completed in under a minute.

Visually, Cut the Rope: Time Travel looks identical to the previous two games in the series. This is not exactly a bad thing as both of them are visually stunning and have some of the most wonderful character animations in a 2D game. Cut the Rope: Time Travel ups the ante by introducing a few more of those amusing and adorable animations and the new characters also look great.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a good third installment in a series of very enjoyable games. Just, most people will likely find the game a bit too easy and miss some of the challenge from the first two games.

Title : Cut the Rope: Time Travel
Developer : ZeptoLab
Platform : iOS & Android
Release Date : April 2013
Content rating : 4+ (Everyone)
Size : 32.5MB (iOS) & 71MB (Android). Varies with device
Price : $0.99 / $2.99 (iOS) & Free (ads)/$0.99 (Android)

Download iOS: iPhoneiPad
Download Android: FreePremium


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