Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Speak English, What Is Facebook Home Application?

The day before yesterday, i didn't tell you What Is Facebook Home Application through my previous post which was discussing about The Htc First Facebook Smartphone, where i guess i should have told you about it along on the post. So, today i mean to tell you here What Is Facebook Home Application exactly before i'm talking about "People Question For Facebook Home App On Users Privacy".

Well, The Facebook Home App is a facebook application released officially by facebook and is designated for installation with Android Smartphones which functions to replace its Android Smartphones' Home screen, and which you all knew the current Android Smartphones supported by the application includes the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, HTC One X, and HTC One X+.

The Facebook Home App brings some lovely features, like allows users to display their Facebook newsfeed, messages, and access to the Instagram all on their Home screen. The Facebook Home App has also the capability to let users to chat with their friends using the Facebook Messenger, and access photo streams on their phone. Even in addition to the whole features, the app will also let users access other Android features using the "app drawer" that which is installed on the application, like to visit the Google Play Store and/or the Google Chrome browser for example.

And, there is a good news about facebook messaging, the new facebook messaging system called "Chatheads" is capable to let users to send and reply to messages straight from the Facebook Home app, thus users won't have to leave the application to send or throw a replay to messages.

People Question For Facebook Home App On Users Privacy

A lot of people are questioning and getting worried of the app, it is because of the way the app itself acts. People are worried if the application reads more than what it is supposed to read. But facebook has taken down this situation as they answered the questions, Facebook has thrown a response and explained what is it doing. Here is what they said:

"Facebook can not collect data outside of the Home app, unless you use the HTC First phone then it can track what apps generates notifications, but not the content of the notification. Facebook Home collects your Facebook activity, location, Facebook messages, and the apps in your Home app launcher, this data is user identifiable for 90 days"

Still what facebook said, "users can still use Facebook without using its Facebook Home App, Facebook Home is just another app that you install from the Google Play Store and you can uninstall it at any time"

That's it guys.. Facebook is the biggest social networking site anyway, if they said something little like that, to me you don't have to worry anymore about it, i think you can trust them. But of course, you are standing with your own sense, we may be different in opinion..

What guys do you say about this privacy concerns? Tell me that, just throw up your comment..


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