Saturday, November 05, 2011
well, yesterday i've published an article contained links to download any bolt browser just which you want. and now i'd l.ike to give away again a lot of one well known browser's versions, opmod and min for original nor those of the handler version. The below files are hosted at 4shared so if you'd like to download them by phone then may you have to go here monggo.... unless that you think you clever enough to find another way then just download them directly:

<-- here are your opmod and opmod handler -->
http://w ww.4sha AdQ_PV/o pera 4.21 beta 7 en Signed.html
http:/ /www. era-mini- mod- 4-21- beta-7- handler.html
http:// /file/oElwt RwP/Opmo d4.21 beta 9 hui 202 .html
Opera mini mod 4.21 beta 10.jar
Opmod 4.21 Beta 11 Handlerui 202.jar
Opmod 4.21 Beta 12 Handlerui 202.jar
Opera 4.2.1 Beta 13 Handlerui 202
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 14 Handlerui 203
Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 15 Signed

<-- here are your opmin handler -->

Opera Mini 4.4 Alpha 35 Official Handlerui 203
Opera Mini 4.4 Alpha 3 Official Fixed 2 Handler
Opera Mini 4.4 Alpha 3 Official Handler
Opera Mini 4.4 Handlerui 203 By Dzebb.jar
Opera Mini 4.4.28000 Handlerui 202.jar
Opera mini 5.1 Handlerui 202 With Real Host
Opera 6.5 Handlerui
Opera mini 4.2 Labs Handlerui 150 Rev 2.jar (with real host)
<-- here are your original versions (jar) --> (mini 4.3 adv. Blackberry fware 40) (adv.) (sis) (sis)
Opera 6.5 General.jar
Opera 6.5 Symbian S60v2.sis
Opera 6.5 Symbian S60.sis
Opera 6.5 Android
Opera 6.5 Blackberry
Opera 6.5 Iphone (mini 6.1 blackberry firmware 4.2) (windows mobile touch) (windows mobile keypad)
Opera_Mobile_11_Windows 7.exe
Opera 11.5 Symbian S60.sis
Opera 11.5 Android

<-- here are your original versions (jad) --> (mini 4.3 adv.) (mini 6.1 adv)

Option for opera mini 6.5 to download a signed version

Download a signed version (Select code signing certification)

* Just note that the above files aren't named as is/in ".jar1" extensions for the jar files, while some are canned in zip extensions using zip maker, and maybe one or two files didn't get any extension. so you gotta rename 'em back to ".jar" extensions or to extract for the zip files. in case you don't know how to extract/unzip such a file extension then you got a help. click here: John Smith's Blog By Another Help.


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