Friday, November 04, 2011
Well, just as you too knew that opera mini has already been updated again from its 6.1 to the latest version "6.5 - i've never tried it yet till time where i wrote this article, though i've had it already after downloaded it from Dzebb's site, and it is a handler version.

About what are the new features in this latest version, you can listen to what my best brother said - "how comes ?? - here it is:

November 2nd, 2011 By Dzebb At: www. ykhandler. com


1. Added Data Usage view.
2. Added star bookmark in URL (Touchscreen devices only).
3. Added protocol setting in advanced options.
4. Improved handling of Saved Pages when upgrading client.
5. Fixed various stability and performance issues.

Notes: Filter is set to default wherein you could change server (, I left it blank for you to learn how to use it.

Well, to download the files, i've already prepared some links to download. just pull one...

Handler Version

Opera 6.5 Handlerui

Opera 6.5 Handlerui 202

Original Version

Opera 6.5 General.jar

Opera 6.5 Symbian S60v2.sis

Opera 6.5 Symbian S60.sis

Opera 11.5 Symbian S60.sis

Opera 6.5 Android

Opera 11.5 Android

Opera 6.5 Blackberry

Opera 6.5 Iphone

Option for opera mini 6.5 to download a signed version

Download a signed version (Select code signing certification)


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