Sunday, June 03, 2012
It could be a good idea to put a Shoutbox/Guestbook on your blog. You can use it to facilitate your readers in case of saying. Saying their opinion, saying with you, saying of praise of your blog, saying questions, just saying something, or any else saying. And this service will probably also make your blog looks a bit more like alive.

How Can I Get It?

It's not any hard work, just go to Google and perform a search with keyword: Free Shoutbox or Free Guestbook and you'll find a lot options to choose. What you have to do with "The Site" is just to copypass "The Code" that will call its Shoutbox to your blog.

But for our example here, and as an option that i suggest, here i'd like to explain you How To Add Shoutbox Of I choose this service because poeple say it has a good server and seldom to get down ("seldom", does it mean good?, You bet).

Here We Go.

1. Go to and create an account on the site.
2. After you get done with the sign up process, go to your page of the site and find a thread named Style then clik on the menu Appearance
3. Click on the Pulldown menu beside the Load From Preset to manage the appearance of your Shoutbox. Just choose whichever do you think prefferable and click Save Setting when you get done with.
4. To grab your shoutbox's code, click on the thread Use Shoutbox below the Quick Start option.
5. Click on the Place Shoutbox On Web Page and then determine the weight and height of your Shoutbox.
6. Copy all code given in the text area below the notice Generated Codes and paste it onto your blog.

You can put the code on your sidebar by first adding a new Html/JavaScript widget on it. Or, perhaps you can also put the code directly in your template, "perhaps".