Saturday, September 08, 2012
Kaspersky Antivirus Nokia Symbian S60v3 v5 ^3 Both Full And Trial. this is realy a powerfull enough antivirus application that you can have on your symbian phone. Most people knew about this antivirus already, cuz it's been well known since a long time ago by its great power protecting phones from viruses.

This antivirus has a lot of features to keep your symbian phone remain safe from being damaged by viruses. Not only checking files on your phone, as every antiviruses today, this antivirus has also the ability to filter your incoming calls and message. You can block certain numbers using blacklist feature if you'd like. By doing so, the number you blacklisted will no longer be able to reach your phone to neither send messages or make a phone call.

Here are some features that you may wanna know.

*Always protects your phone.
*Scaning the whole drive, certain drive, and/or a certain folder as you decide.
*Privacy Protection.
*Anti-theft with Gps Find feature.
*Anti Spam with Black and White List.
*Parental Control with Black and White List.
*Show Hide message and contact list.
*Password protection.

The good news is, i got also the full version to download, a cracked version. The bad news is, that full version is of 9.0.0 version that was released in 2009. Actually i got the latest version too, it's 9.4.129, released this 2012. Just, i got it from official website. You know what does it mean exactly my friend. Yes, it's a trial version that will run for only a week. A little bit sad my friend? :)

Well you decide, the latest or full version. If you want to install the trial version, all what you have to do is just to download the file, install, run, and done. Here is the file, download through Kaspersky Antivirus 9.4.109 Trial Nokia Symbian.

The other option, if you want to install the full version, you'll also have to install some additional files, the total files is four. Listen to the below guideline if you want to install the full version.

1. Download this kaspersky antivirus and install: Kaspersky Antivirus 9.0.0 Full Cracked Nokia Symbian
2. Download this kaspersky patch and install: Kaspersky Patch
3. Download this Rompatcher+ and install: Rompatcher+
4. Download a python launcher for your device. Check here: Python For All Nokia Symbian S60

5. After all four applications above installed on your phone, open the Rompatcher and select option > All Patches > Apply. Then exit that application.
6. Open the "KMS v9 Patch" and click always yes till you have to insert a new password. Type anything for the password, but don't forget it cuz you'll use it to open the Kaspersky.
7. Open the KMS 9.0 (kaspersky), input the new password you just created in step 6 above, and done.

For S60v5 and ^3 users, find yourself what i didn't attach for you. So sorry about this. :)

My comment is, the Rompatcher+ application may cause some applications or games on your phone getting unable to run. Such condition, you can disable that Rompatcher+, but don't remove it if you still want to run the kaspersky on your phone.

Well done everybody. Now you have the full version of kaspersky antivirus. May your phone safe from viruses.

Have a nice day. :)


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