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Olla Ramlan

Olla Ramlan is an Indonesian actress. Her real name is Febiolla Ramlan. She 's born in Banjarmasin 15 February 1980. She's a moslem. And She is a doughter of Muhammad Ramlan and Pissa Assarah.

Olla Ramlan is a multy tallent lady. Beside her proffesion as an actress, she's also a singer, model, and presenter. She's been in entertainment since 1997 till today.

She married Alex Tian at the age of 23 and she got one child with him, but the marriage didn't end good. They decided to end the marriage after a few years their child born, exactly in Oktober 2010.

About Alex Tian, his proffesion is in entertainment, but he's not realy popular. At least i never heard anything about him before i write this, that is such a proof of his popularity. I'd say, she shouldn't cry for him, he's not deserve. :)

First time she entered entertainment was as a finalist of a modeling contest called Cover Girl Mode that was held in 2007, which then she won that modeling contest. After that success, more and more again offers came to her for tv show plays as well as commercial.

She has also released a single titled STOP, together with Dewi Sandra. The both of them looked so WOW on the video clip, and many people said so. Olla Ramlan was also refered to be the ambassador of Yahoo OMG! In November, 2010.

Olla Ramlan

Movies, Drama, and Tv Shows: Suami-suami Takut Istri, The Movie, Shakila, Perempuan, Cinta Indah, OKB, Mata Air Surga, Nada Cinta, Cinta Sejati, Cahaya Gemilang.

Video clips: Volume Band: Hey Cantik, Mulan Jameela Feat Mitha The Virgin: Cinta Mati 2, Olga Syahputra: Jangan Ganggu Aku Lagi, Ilovu: Pacar 3, Titi DJ: Matamu, Boys n Rocks: Ratu Gombal, Alifah Hafidz: Syurga Dunia, K.H Obet Zainuddin: Taubat.

Single: Gotcha (Feat Robin Hood), Sakit Hati, STOP (Feat Dewi Sandra).

Host/Presenter: Dahsyat (RCTI), Jumah Itu Barokah (MNC Muslim), Premier Preview (MNCTV), Happy Sunday (Global TV), Yahoo Sharp.

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