Sunday, September 16, 2012
Jbak Taskman 1.36 Nokia Symbian S60v3. My friend, have you ever found your application can't be closed even though through the menu shortcut? Or if you own a nokia n81, maybe you were thinking of a way to close your music player, that which as you know that there is no option to close it. Weren't you? Well my friend, now you found the answer. Here is a very "bad body guard" to bleed and force any application to shut down just right away as you order, no one will disregard your order now. That bad body guard is called Jbak Taskman, as you noticed on the title of this article maybe.

This body guard is powerfull but simple. It offers quite much options due to showing running applications so you can manage what to run and what is not.

Out of showing running applications, some other good features that you may wanna know are like manage the feel and look, editable shortcut, read what "the function", reboot phone, keypad lock (*), memory clean, and some more.

Jbak Taskman Nokia S60v3

Unfortunatelly my friend, the version here is not the lates one, but the old one. But that's not too bad my friend, realy. Not because i can't get it my friend, i don't give you the latest version here my friend, that is because the latest version has some errors, so i say. When i tried it on my phone, it disabled my theme animation function. So i consider that it will likely also prevent some other functions or so applications from running if you install it on your phone, and i just won't like if it happens to you.

And, umm.. Speak english my friend (oh, yeah), suppose that the application causes some functions being disabled on your phone, i suggest you not to run it automatically. Run utomatically means that the application will run as you switch on your phone.

To do so my friend, not to run it automatically, install the application so you'll find two options: auto and language. Just unmark the auto here, and then proccess the installation. That's it.

Well my friend, now let's check out the file. And as always, it's through I like that.. :)

Jbak Taskman 1.36 Nokia Symbian S60v3.sis

Have a nice day. May God bless ya. :)


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