Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Ttpod nokia Symbian

Mp3 Music Player: Ttpod v.3.80 Beta 3 Nokia Symbian S60v3 Full. If you've been living with symbian for quite awhile, i'm sure you know already how good is this music player. I say this one is the best music player that we can have on our symbian phones. But that's just my opinion brother, you may won't say the same with me.

This player is quite good in feature, it's realy rich enough. It has sleep timer, change skin ability, band equalizer, lyric, song detail, id3tag editor, and some more. And talking about lyric brother, with this player, you can show your song lyric on standby mode. It means you can still read your lyric even if you minimize the player. That's not too bad right?

Talking about output, this one generates fairly great quality, it's clear. Not to mention, you can still adjust some additional preferences to set how output should be generated, like Sound fade, loudness, balance, stereo widening, bass booster, environment, and maybe some more.

Here i try to list the complete features.

*Scan songs on all or a specific drive/folder.
*Track details.
*Jump to time.
*Set as ringtones.
*Search/Download/Delete lyric.
*Search/Download/Delete pictures.
*Sort list by.
*Save list.
*Clear list.
*Mark/Unmark files.
*Search files.
*Available 3 skin, can still download for more.
*Adjustable Forward/Rewind speed.
*Sleep mode.
*Screen backlight.
*Whether or not play at startup.
*Remember song pos.
*Switch effect: slide, jitter, none.
*Sound fade.
*Open control panel.
*Night mode brightness.
*Night mode range.
*Updated daily.
*Ask to exit.
*Lyric and photo folder.
*Mini player icon (adjustable position).
*Mini lyrics (adjustable position).
*Hot keys.

There are too many features to write. In short, it has a lot features to please you. Just download the files below if you'd like.

Through Ttpod v.3.80 Beta 3 Nokia Symbian S60v3 Full
Through Patch Ttpod v.3.80 Beta 3 Nokia Symbian S60v3 Full

The instruction is so simple. Just download and install the both files above and done. Piece a cake huh? :)

Well, have a nice day brother. See you in the next post. :)


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