Friday, April 05, 2013
Free Responsive Blogger Template

I haven't ever shared any template here right? Well i got one today, Free Responsive Blogger Template: Johny Ajaib, created by Mas Kolis. You can check the demo here: Johny Ajaib.

As quoted by Mas Kolis on his post, he's not a hundred percent sure if the template will realy work on mobile devices. It's because he hasn't tested it yet using mobile devices cause he had no mobile devices at the time he created the template. But, you know.. He's a coding expert, when he says he's not realy sure, it musn't be realy broken and the template is completely a fail. Somewhat, you'll still make a back up of your current template if you'd like to replace it with the new one right? You can still go back if something is not right.. :)

Installing Free Responsive Blogger Template

Well, here is notice that you better read before installing its Free Responsive Blogger Template onto your blog.

Template Name : Johny Ajaib
By : Mas Kolis
Website :

Download this template on 4shared (Through : Responsive Blogger Template
Download this template on Mediafire (Through : Responsive Blogger Template


*** To customize the Recent Post Widget (The up side one - Posts on the homepage is set through this widget) you may visit your blogger setting tab: Dashboard >> Setting >> Posts and comments >> Show at most, and choose/set the number to 1 (Recommended)

This will define how many posts that are shown on the homepage. You can set the number to any number you want, but you'll have to apply additional parameter from the template. And, if that is the case, then here is your guide:

** You need to set the number accordingly with the total post set on the widget below it (Let's say "Post list widget") in purpose to avoid double post load on the homepage. Here is how:

* Go to Blogger dashboard >> Template >> Edit Html (tick the expand widget template), and find the following line among your template code: for(var o=1;o<postsperpage;o++).

That line is belong to Recent Post Widget code. Let's say.. Suppose that you define the number for the "Show at most" on your blogger setting tab for 5, then you have to change the value 1 on the line above to 5.

Did you guys copy what i said? You must.. So read again if you didn't get it. :)

One more job to do, last of the last, edit the Post List Widget if necessary. Find the following code in your template:

var showPostDate = true,
showComments = true,
idMode = true,
sortByLabel = false,
labelSorter = "",
loadingText = "Loading...",
totalPostLabel = "Total Post :",
jumpPageLabel = "Page",
commentsLabel = "Comments",
rmoreText = "Read more &#9658;",
prevText = "Prev",
nextText = "Next",
siteUrl = "",
postsperpage = 9,
numchars = 160,
imgBlank = "";

- Change with your own blog url.
- The value 9 is for total post on the homepage.
- The value 160 is for total characters on the post list widget.

That's it guys, i'm sure you can handle any else thing to install this Free Responsive Blogger Template properly on your website. My last advice is, don't forget to re-uploade all the requirements on your own file hosting, like jquery, image, and all. And upload or host pictures for your posts on your own blogger (Picasaweb) for best blog load. Now have a nice day. :)

Source : Free Responsive Blogger Template


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