Thursday, August 09, 2012
Axis Unlimited Internet Package Service. Or in Indonesian it should be Paket Internet Unlimited Axis | Paket Pro Dan Kuota Dari Axis, or something like that. As you too knew, and as Axis itself said, Axis is indeed sooo.. Kind. It offers various packages that almost all are very very cheap. Not only for internet package service, but even for phone call and Sms. True, i have to say that. I have to raise this provider a little bit higher, i have to say in praise of this provider to honor the very cheap package services it offers, though the fact i realy realy just love three more than i love it. My "big consideration" to use three is that it offers a very very cheap unlimited package service, Rp. 50.000 for a year. But even it's so very cheap, the cheapest one maybe, it still gives a realy fast enough internet connection. Yeah, i can reach a good enough signal here, in a small village that apart from others. If there is no three here, then maybe i'd use Axis to connect, in condition i can grab any signal. Last time i used Axis, i didn't find any signal to grab. That's not good of course.. Try to check my previous post to know more about three: Paket Aon Three/tri/3 (Internet Unlimited Always On: Bebas Itu Nyata).

Well, Axis currently offers two interesting enough package services, Axis Pro Unlimited and Axis Package Kuota. You can buy one of those two that you think is preferable. Below is the information that you may wanna.

Axis Pro Unlimited

No. Package Price Quota
1. Mingguan Rp. 24.900 250MB
2. Bulanan Basic Rp. 49.000 500MB
3. Bulanan Premium Rp. 79.000 1GB
4. Bulanan Ultimate Rp. 149.000 2GB

To buy the package, you can try to dial to *123# from your phone. Or, you can also have the package by buying a "starter pack" if you'd like. The rule that you gotta be aware before you buy this package is that your speed will be called down to some kbps after your quota has been completely spent. However, you can still buy a quota to add to the package if you'd like to. Just access *123*2# and choose Speed Booster. There are two options here, 500MB for Rp. 49.000, and 1GB for Rp. 79.000.

Axis Package Quota Based

No. Package Price Quota
1. Harian Rp. 1.000 10MB
2. Mingguan Rp. 6.500 100MB
3. Bulanan Rp. 34.900 1GB

To buy the package, you can access *123# from your phone and choose Paket Internetan.

To check the quota remains in your package, you may get from *123*2#, or create a new Sms and type KUOTA send to 123.

That's all. Just note that here i don't guarantee that what i said above is all true. Thus, if you make anything, then take it at your own risk. Check its official website to ensure that everything is right if you mean to buy one or maybe both of those packages. Try this address:

Have a nice day everybody. :)


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