Monday, August 06, 2012
Google Maps + Latitude 3.0.2 Handler is a Google map but it supports Google Latitude, where you can use it to share your location to your friends. This application will also enable you to update by searching or even to hide your location if you wanna do so. Below are some features that you may wanna know.

1. Fix Garbled Screen issue display, for China Phones, such as Cherry Mobile, KEmulator on PC, and somekind.
2. Integrated UI redesign.

*Black Theme.
*Annimated Effect Checkbox Selection.
*3D like Effect on Textfields.
*Added few markers.
*See-through Background effect on Textfields.

I won't say more for this, so just download the file to know more about this application. It's just about 850Kb in size, not a big file at all. And it's likely working good on any phone with Java J2ME Enabled.

Google Maps Latitude 3.0.2 Handler.jar


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