Wednesday, August 08, 2012
How To Make Free Phone-Call Via Android? Or, Indonesian people would search for the following keywords to find this article: Trik Cara Gratis Nelpon Atau Men-Telfon Atau Telpon Atau Telefon Atau Telepon Atau Menelpon Dgn Memakai Atau Pakai Hp Android | Bagaimana Cara Telfon Gratis Pakai Hp Android?, or something that close to the those. Sorry for i oftenly put some keywords in Indonesian. You know, people mostly would search for articles that are written in their native language, and i just expect some more pageviews. But i promise you, this blog will be always universal, cuz my brothers are not limited to only Indonesian people. :)

Speak english, now i wanna tell you a good enough trick to try, "Making Free Call", but this is only for android users. But please, it doesn't mean that my brothers are limited to android users only. Clear? :)

This trick is truly just not something that is "impossible" that everybody may find it easily or maybe accidentally. It make use of a feature that we call "Push to Talk". Yes, it is.. There is a good enough application that you can install to support the way, "Zello Walkie Talkie", which you may find this application on Google Play. But remember that the guy who's you're calling has to have this application as well. Read the below instruction for further steps you have to make..

1. Go to Google Play Store then download and install the application.
2. Run the application and creat your own account.
3. After, add your friend to your contact list by clicking the menu button.
4. Wait confirmation from your friend.
5. Once you friend confirmed the request, you can start talking with him by clicking on his name.

As a walkie-talkie, to start talking with your friend, you can press and hold the "Hold and Speak" a few seconds till you hear a "beep", and after the indicator changes from blue to red, to start talking to your friend. And to let your friend answer you, just release the "Hold and Speak". So simple.

Actually, this won't be completely free of charge. I mean, it could be yes or it could be not. This application connect you to your friend fully via internet, thus it consumes some data access. However, as you too know that there is a wifi function that you can take of it to connect to the internet. Or, if you're currently in an internet package service, it wouldn't be any matter for you, right?

In addition to the call function, this application also features some other functions like "Adding channel to talk/Chat Room, Status of your account, Status of Message, History, and Setting for Alert and Interface.

Well, have a nice everybody. May God bless ya.. :)


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