Monday, July 30, 2012
Blogger's Meta Description. One more blogger's new feature to discuss about, Meta Descrition. This could be good or this could be "Ah.. Not cool!". As you might knew, we've been able to add the "perfect meta description" to our blogger blog since more than just three hundred years ago. And now, where the perfect meta description has been in our blog for more than just three hundred years, blogger simply offers it to us as if we've never known anything about it before. "Oh, yeah.. Stupid Blogger. What's wrong with it?". Again, that remark could be right or could be wrong. To my opinion, blogger sees that the meta description feature it currently offers is more Seo friendly than the perfect meta description that we've added into our template code, and maybe that's right (please remember that i'm not an Seo expert). I think there is just a slight difference betwen the perfect meta description and its blogger's meta description. That is "In the blogger's meta description, you can give the exact description for each of articles you publish realy just the way you want (means every single articles have their own descriptions). While in the perfect meta description, you give a description for each of your articles automatically, which means that it's maybe not better than you add it manually as what that you can do using the blogger's meta description.

However, the problem is that if you prefer to use the blogger's meta description, you'll always have to type some additional words for its description anytime you publish a new article. Maybe it takes just a few clicks plus a very short paragraph to write, but if you are me, you'll feel uncomfort with that. Believe it.

By a consideration of that condition, where it takes some clicks plus additional words to write, until now i'm still faithfull with the perfect meta description that i've been using for years. Some what, i can still put any keywords in the article to take over the blogger's meta description function though might it won't be as powerfull as its blogger's meta description. I think it's not a bad idea to keep faithfull with the perfect meta description.

Well, if you prefer to use blogger's meta description with your own reason, below i try to figure out how to activate and how can you add the description.

1. Go to your Blogger.
2. Settings.
3. Search preferences.
4. Click "edit" below the "Meta tags Description".
5. After, you'll find two radio buttons with a direction that says "Enable search description?". Just tick the "yes" button and then click save changes.
6. You'll find a text box where you have to fill it with your blog's description. Just fill it with any description as you want. Example: blog about phone specs and reviews plus retailers. Or something like that. Just remember that you can write at most 150 characters. So be smart to specify the description.
7. Now click "save changes" once again and your blog's description will be generated.

The above description will be applied on your home page only (or say it's so). As i said, you can add a unique description to every single post/article in your blog. This feature is available only in the post editor. As such, this can be made only when you create a new post (or edit post). Below is how i'd add a meta description for a post suppose that i create a new one.

1. Go to post editor (it's where you'd create a new post)
2. Click the "Post Settings".
3. Click Search Description.
4. Fill in the post description.
5. Click done.

Just remember that a good description musn't be a Keyword Stuffing

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