Monday, July 23, 2012
Ucweb 8.0.399 Handlerui 202 Dzebb Signed Using Darkman Certificate. This is not the latest version of Uc Browser and you know it of course, this is just an old version that which i've published it previously. But my goodness, i didn't attach my own file that time, and sometimes i'm getting iritated because of it cuz i oftenly need this version. Yea, i don't use The Latest Uc Browser that i've just published a few hours ago. - Well, now talking about this post, i'm sure you're confused and might be thinking "Why does John post an old version where the latest version is available?." Or maybe you're saying "Okey, john. Show me what greatness of the version do you see.". Well, let me tell you why do i post this one.

There are two features that i love from this version, and those aren't available on the younger versions, even on the latest one currently. Those two features are Shortcut (Editable) and User-agent, in addition this version is lighter than those that are lately launced though it has no smoth scrolling option, i think so. With shortcut that i can set just the way i want, i can navigate betwen the functions easily. And with User-agent option, i can access almost everything that opera isn't capable, like access my blogger for example. With this browser, i can access it just as using pc only by switching the user-agent to the right one, or at least i have the same features as it serves to pc users. Check here for detailed features: UC Web Browser Handler 202

I know that the latest versions also support already shortcut though they're not editable. I also know that some of the latest versions may support user-agent too (made by Dzebb). I'm even aware that they're maybe not too great since you can add them yourself, you only need to have a bit knowledge about "Javascript?" to make it. But, i don't know why i prefer to use that old version. Maybe i'm fallin' love?.

Ucweb 8.0.399 Handlerui 202 Dzebb


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