Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Nokia Symbian Application S60v3 And v2: MCleaner - Fake Sms, Show-Hide And Edit Inbox/Sent Sms, Block A Number. Yesterday i also published some good enough applications if you wanna more, there is an application called Symot Draw Sms that which is an application for Nokia Symbian S60v3 And v2 whose function is to send or edit MMS, that as you may know some particular versions of Nokia are troubled on it. Or Nuance Talks which is such a Voice Command Application. Or further more i also published some English-Indonesian Dictionaries to download.

Well, now let's disscuss about Mcleaner. This could be a good application for you since Sms and dial/call are two services that we oftenly use in our daily activity. This application has the ability to show or hide and edit Sms messages that we receive or sent Sms which would remain on its own draft, if we set it so. Or even to block a number if you want to do so.

There are quite much features that you can use here, like Black List and White List, Private Number to hide phone call logs or received sms, Password to protect your phone from unauthorized user, Show Indicator, Unkown Call to block unknown number, Out Logs To Blacklist to hide messages you sent, Unknown Message to hide messages from unknown numbers, etc.

Here are the download links.

Mcleaner V214 Final S60v3.rar


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