Thursday, July 12, 2012
Keyman: Shortcut Application For Nokia S60v2. Keyman is a very simple but powerfull application for Nokia Symbian S60v2. The main function of this aplication is to facilitate Symbian S60v2 users navigating on the phone. It will enable you to add a shortcut to each feature or even applications on your phone. Additionally, it has also an ability to restart or shut down your phone.

Here i opt out you three versions of the application, just choose according to your phone model. I don't know about the other models, but Nokia N70 is belong to Fp3.

Keyman For Nokia S60v2 Fp1.sis

Keyman For Nokia S60v2 Fp2.sis

Keyman For Nokia S60v2 Fp3.sis

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  1. ini apa kegunaannya gan.. :)

  2. Dicoba aja dulu bro, ukuran filenya kecil. Paling juga habis gopek klo download.. :)