Saturday, July 14, 2012
About - Terms And Conditions (Important). is a url shortener service that will pay you a money for each click of the urls you shortened. Many poeple have been making use of it, and maybe many of them have collected or received dolar from its website. And here i'm going. Due to the payment, somewhere, i found one guy with a payment trouble. He said he's reaced the minimum redemtion but when he tried to withdraw the money he found a very very sad notification instead of receiving some money as what he should be. He said the notification mentioned that his links were those of "adult content", and that is an infringement of the term of service of the website.

"So Stop Using The Service If Your Contents Are Those Of Adult Content, Otherwise You Gonna Cry"

Here i list some terms of service of the website that i take from its official website.

1. Do not place short URLs on any form of traffic exchange / PTC / autosurf website / click ring.
2. Do not place OR link to short URLs anywhere that may contain adult material.
3. Do not iFrame our short URLs.
4. Do not send users to our short URLs unwillingly outside of the Auto Overlay Script.
5. Do not send popup / popunder / exit pop / interstitial traffic to short URLs.
6. Do not send traffic from advertising agencies / advertising networks without consent from
7. Do not ask people to click on an short URL simply to generate you revenue. 8. Do not refer users by incentivizing them to join so they can earn commission from pooled revenue from one or more accounts.
9. Do not create redirect loops with competitor services (, Linkbucks, etc) OR through our short URLs to generate revenue. You cannot send traffic from to, but you can send traffic from to
10. Do not spam short URLs. This includes (but not limited to) forums / chat / comments / blogs. If you are uncertain your activity may be labeled as such, please get our consent first.
11. All links must be clicked on manually by the browsing user. The click cannot be forced, deceitfully implied, or redirected from a jump page. If you require using a jump page for some reason, contact us via a support ticket first for approval.
12. Do not spoof referrers, send blank referrers, or falsify referrers. All traffic sources must be verifiable through referrers.
13. Do not cloak referrers. We must be able to verify your traffic source through your referrer.
14. Do not incentivize clicking users / referred users with gifts / points / cash.
15. Do not send traffic from anime related websites.
16. Do not send traffic from JavaScript / Flash scripts unleses you obtain approval from
17. We take abuse and illegal activity very seriously. We have the right to deny payment if legitimate abuse complaints / DMCA take-down requests / illegal content are associated with your account.
18. Do not places links on these sites -,,,

That's it. I just wanna inform ya so may later ya won't cry like "him".


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