Monday, July 30, 2012
About Google Penguin - What Is Google Penguin? How To Heal/Recover If My Website Has Been Punished or Penaltied By Google Penguin? or in Indonesian Language it means: "Apa Itu Google Pinguin/Penguin? Bagaimana/Gimana Cara Mengatasi Google Penguin? Website Saya Telah Di Banned, Apakah Bisa Normal Kembali?". - Google Penguin, is Another Google Search's algorithm after Google Panda that first announced in february 2011 last year. The job of that two algorithms are the same, the difference is that Google Panda is aimed at "the site", like to determine if a content is good or bad, for example. While Google Penguin is aimed to work "outside of the site", like to judge link schemes and somekind. Google Penguin first launched on 24 April 2012, just a few months ago. Both of them are working together to punish publishers who play tricks on Google Search.

How Can I Know If My Website Has Been Punished By Google Penguin (So Google Panda)?

You won't be noticed about if your website has been punished by one or maybe both of them, not even on Google Webmaster Tools. However, there is a way to guess it (yes, to guess it). If your website's performance in Google Search significantly dropped, or if your pagerank decreased, your website could've been punished. And if that is the case, you need to ask Google to reconsider your website" in order to it get normal as before, if you want it to be so.

Here are some simple tips to keep your website away from those two algorithms, in case of the bad side.

*Avoid Keyword Stuffing.
*Avoid link schemes.
*Put only relevant keywords.
*Never hide links or text in your article.
*No "Doorway".
*Publish only your own article (maybe sometimes copypass is fine)
*No cloaking or sneaky redirects.
*No auto generate content.


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