Saturday, July 07, 2012
A might-true news mentioned Amazon is in proccess of developing its own smartphone, which the phone is assumed to compete with Android and iPhone. The news mentioned that that world's largest online retailer (Amazon) will be partnering with Foxconn to manufacture the handset. - There are no other details available at the moment, but if Amazon realy planned to compete with iPhone then the phone should be a high-end phone, ain't like the previous one "Kindle Fire" which was a budget offering. I don't know what software it is going to adopt but it is fair to assume that it will be a heavily customized version of Android, such as the one of the Kindle Fire.

Consider Amazon has its own application store that provides lots of things waiting to be taken like books, music, movies, etc. it shouldn't be any matter if it doesn't give access to the Google Play Store assuming that you are in the US. Amazon might wouldn't have the same brand for its upcoming phone, it doesn't seem has one so far, but it does run the world's most popular online store where it can advertise the phone on every page. Considering the content from its store and possibly an attractive price tag, this upcoming phone by Amazon could be successfull just like the previously released, Kindle Fire.


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