Tuesday, July 24, 2012
About Internet Three-tri AON - Always On. This is about an internet package service offered by Three/tri/3 Indonesia. Indonesian poeple might say: Paket Internet AON (Always On) Dari Three. Apa Sih Paket AON Itu? Gimana Cara Daftar Dan aktifin Paket AON? Apa Kelebihan Dan Keunggulan Paket AON?, or something like that. - I'm sure many poeple around the world knew about this provider already. It sponsors some well known associations like the one that i know is (if i'm not mistaken) Mancester United (MU), it's a famous and great football club in england. And if i'm not mistaken (again), this provider is coming from Hongkong, i don't realy care if or not it's coming from that country.

Well, let't get down to the business. - Started in early this july Three Indonesia offered a new package again that seems preferable for Internet maniac, AON (Always On). I think this offer is somehow as good as the previous one (Internet Juara?) that which is offering about five options of monthly package, 12.000, 35.000, 50.000, 75.000, and 125.000 or there abouts. To my opinion, that is such a perfect offer (where some poeple say it's such a humiliating thing. Please you guys post a comment here and tell me why it's humiliating?) consider that not everybody have the same importance on internet use. By taking the package (AON), you'll grab the following services:

1. Connect and Download in Full Speed even after your quota completely spent. That is the good point.
2. The bad point: You can access only the following sites after your quota completely spent.

- Facebook
- Google
- Detik
- Kaskus
- Klikbca
- Kompas
- Tokobagus
- Okezone
- Vivanews
- Chatting. Including YM, FB, AOL and ICQ.

You can access the above sites 24 hours a day in full speed even after your quota completely spent. The rule here is that you have to access the mobile versions of those sites, not the web versions. Example: m.facebook.com. And that you can't access the "HTTPS" version, it must be HTTP.

The package itself is available for three options and is all very cheap. The cheapest package ever.

1. Rp 10.000 (a month).
2. Rp 35.000 (six month).
3. Rp 50.000 (a year).

The rule is: each of package above is given a quota of 50MB a month (You can still access "the free sites" after your quota completely spent). Yet, you can still buy a quota if you wanna do so (very cheap). Dial to *234# and choose "Kuota ++". There are two options here: "Kuota ++ Regular" and "Kuota ++ Kenyang Download".

Kuota ++ Regular

1. 5.000 (100MB).
2. 35.000 (700MB)
3. 50.000 (1.25GB).
4. 100.000 (3GB).

Kuota ++ Regular can be used 24 hours a day and expired only when your AON (Or any package you use) expired. The quota remains will be added to the quota you buy next time (accumulate), if any.

Kuota ++ Kenyang Download

1. 5.000 (500MB).
2. 10.000 (1.5GB).
3. 50.000 (10GB).

Kuota ++ Kenyang Download can be used only from 24.00 to 06.00 o'clock and expired only when your AON (Or any package you use) expired. The quota remains will be added to the quota you buy next time (accumulate), if any.

If you're not a type of guys that will download everything you see on the net, 50.000 must suffer you already. Otherwise, you know what you should do.

For your information:

*To know the quota remains in your package, you can check it to http://internet.tri.co.id using your default browser.
*To choose any package, you can dial to *234#.
*Your device parameter should follow the below.

- Apn : 3gprs
- User : 3gprs
- Homepage : http://internet.tri.co.id
- Proxy and Port : leave the both blank.

- Dial up : *99#
- Apn : 3gprs
- Leave any other parameters blank.

Mozila Firefox
Go to Option > Advance > Network > No Proxy.

That's all guys. Think again to be faithfull with your current provider. I John Smith.. Saying for Three: Say no to "Red". Wish their towers were fallen down. :D?

Source: internet.tri.co.id


  1. Anonymous6/11/2014

    informasi yang sangat menarik dan bermanfaat buat ane sebagai pengguna baru kartu 3.. thanks sudah berbagi ilmunya..