Saturday, July 28, 2012
How To Mention Friends On Facebook? How To Mention Friends' Username On Facebook? Can I Mention My Friends' Name On Even Facebook Mobile? Yes you can mention your friends on Facebook just like you do on Twitter, neither on desktop and Facebook mobile. It's not too much different with Twitter, to mention your friends on Facebook you just have to add an "@" next to the username of your friends that you want to mention. This feature is generally used in purpose to let the Facebookers whose name being mentioned know that there's a thread has a connection to them. Or, maybe that is just such a sensation or something like that. In short, when somebody mentions a name, then the name will be converted into a link and points to the guy's profile whose name being mentioned, and that the guy will get a notification informs that he's been mentioned by somebody.

Here is an example to mention someone's name on Facebook: @I.writter. The only problem here is that it won't work on Facebook mobile, that is for use only on Facebook desktop. However, there's another trick that you can use to mention your friends' names on Facebook mobile, it's not realy different with the above way. The difference is that on Facebook desktop you'd mention your friends' names using their username, while on Facebook mobile you'd mention them using their ids' and add @ plus two brackets ("[" and "]") plus a ":" sign to it. For example: @[1234567:].

To grab the ids', you can visit the profiles whose guys you want to mention. Their ids' would normally be included in their profile url. In case of those who've activated their username already, you might won't find their ids' in the profile url as you'd find in the profile url of the "usual guys". To grab the ids' of those who've activated their username, you can try to click on "something" on their profile, like their profile picture where the url should be:, or on the comment link of a post where the url should be:, etc. If you have activated your username, you can try to explore your own profile to know every thread that includes your id, so later you can find others' ids easily.

That's all guys. Hope this make senses.


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