Monday, March 19, 2012
You should be in the know already about this, no wonder. The Mozilla team has officially released again a new version for the fox to renew the previous release, Mozill Firefox 11. For this latest version mozila has added some new features to offer, they are like:

*You can now import data from Crome to mozila in case of bookmark, history, cookie dan password. If you previously used to surf the web with Crome and had some bookmarks left or those related to the "case", with this latest version you can import all the data to your new firefox so you won't lose them.
*With this latest version now you can also synchronize the add-ons that you may ever installed to any other computer, so you don't have to install and install again just anytime you change your computer.
*The Mozila Firefox team has added a new tool whose fuction is to check the element on a webpage namely "Tilt". To activate the function go to Menu >> Web Developer >> Inspect and then select 3D of the option available on the page. For those who know "WebGL" are assumed to be able to make use of 3D button to copy a 3D element on the net. The user can even set the appearance larger or narrower for the convenience.
*Changes of design on control of multimedia in Html5.
*Supports outerHTM property.
*View source synta highlighting now uses the HTML5 parser.
*Style Editor feature for editing Css files.
*View in 3D using Page Inspector 3D View.
*Supports SPDY (a web protocol by Google).
*Supports HTML parsing to answer Xml or Http Request.
*And more.

Download the browser officially here: http:// en-US/firefox /new


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