Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Toshiba ha announced their latest laptop Satellite P855 that which the device implements the glasses-free 3D concept. Unfortunately, for you who're meant to know about the detail of this laptop as such you have to wait untill this laptop is released for public 'cause toshiba didn't allude it realy deep in the announcement (i don't know if toshiba announced it at a press conference or through another way).

As their announcement, this Satellite P855 adopts the latest hardware of Intel and Next-gen graphics from Nvidia. This statement seems meant to tell that the device will adopt processor Ivy Bridge and Graphics Nvidia GeForce 600 Series in addition to the processor (Kepler).

This Satellite P855's been scheduled to take a ship on the next quarter. This toshiba Satellite P885 supports LED backlighting, backlit keyboard, Slip Stream audio, 4 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI out, Widi and BlueTooth 4.0. It also support Blu-ray drive and hard-drive hydbrid (solid 8GB, 750GB spinning).

Talking about the prise, this Satellite P885 price is sold for approximately (only) Us $940 or Rp.8.600.000 in IDR. - Can't wait for it huh?


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