Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Well, time for handler creation by the two brother. After released uc 8.20 handler some days ago, our two brother (Actually Dzebb who's modded the applications) have now released some new handler applications again all at a post. These applications are vary, there's a QQ Browser 2.56 Handler 203 which is a java phone browser, MXit 6.21 1.42 Handler 203 which is java phone messenger, MobilGet 2.50 Handler 203 which is a java phone downloader, GTranslate Tool 1.56 Handler 203 which is a google translate for java phone, Main 1.00 Handler 203 which is a ".jar file" translator, and Empire 8.0039 Handler 202 which is a java phone online game. I got you some screenshots...

1. Main 1.00 Handler 203 Signed

Main 1.00  Handler 203

A application with the ability to translate uc.bin, java, txt, and .class file. In other terms you may call this a java editor application. Dzebb has also added some more languages into the file to bring you easier way translating your files. Pull the file: Main 1.00 Handler 203

2. MobilGet 2.50 Handler 203 Signed

MobilGet 2.50 Handler 203

Is an old downloader application that will help you downloading files on the internet directly and straight to your j2me enabled phone. This is just a simple application, realy realy simple application, yet realy powerfull enough. Pull the file: MobilGet 2.50 Handler 203

3. QQ Browser 2.56 Handler 203

QQ Browser 2.56  Handler 203

A browser from china with a rich enough features and fairly great performance. It's a little more alike to Ibibo Browser on view, maybe on the features too. Pull the file: QQ Browser 2.56 Handler 203 Unsigned.jar

4. MXit 6.21 Handler 142 Signed

MXit 6.21 Handler 142

Is a chat application that's got a good popularity, especially in india, the city where where the application is coming from. This is a 142 handler version, it comes as the answer of a request. There must be the 203 handler version for this chat application, find it out if you want. I might have posted it here on my blog. Just go to google and type in: John Smith: Mxit, i'm sure you'll find the post in a second. Pull the file: MXit 6.21 Handler 142

5. Empire 8.0039 Handler 202

Empire 8.0039  Handler 202

If you're a gamer you might will love this. What a wonder, you can now play a online game just on your java enabled phone. Just try the game and then throw if the game is premium, or maybe you can pay the charge. Pull the file: Empire 8.0039 Handler 202 Unsigned.jar

6. Google Translate Tool 1.56 Handler 203 Signed

An application originally by google but then our two brother moddified it so now we can visit the site as a free man. Nobody doesn't know what's google translate. Pull the file: Google Translate Tool 1.56 Handler 203

For Your Information: This application might doesn't work on n70, i've tried it.


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