Friday, March 23, 2012
I guess you've known already about the rumor that says Apple will release Iphone 5 in the next quarter, didn't you?. - In connection to it, the release time of that Iphone 5, there 's a well known international news agency had quoted an unnamed source that had revealed in front of the South Korean maeil Business newpaper that the next Iphone release will launch with a 4.6" display, and named Iphone 5. Considering the last release of the iphone 4 which launched just a few months ago, maybe about 9, this release could be such a surprise to some poeple who're fans of this product, if the rumor is realy true.

Just as usual, like other rumors this could be either true or even realy just a rumor. - If you take a consideration of the previous release to guess this, where apple was rumored would launch two iphone at once, 4iOS and 5iOS. Or the time after, where iphone 4 was rumored as a "early release", which means it's truly wasn't what apple wanted to launch, but it was just something like a "beta version", this rumor may be true. - And to my mind, if the rumor is true, then i'm sure that a lot of fans will certainly be pleased to know about it (Or not at all?). As you knew that iPhone 4 has only a 3,5-inch display where some poeple say it is not realy a large display and have to be redesigned. But at the other side, there are some poeple too saying that it's not realy a good idea to make a sudden drastic change cause some fans may don't love it.

What do you think?


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