Sunday, March 18, 2012
Maybe you too knew, lately there's a rumor says that Samsung Galaxy S3 is heading out to market. There are some pics/screenshots on the net which some poeple claim, and maybe some of them believe the pics are true and not just fakes, that they're realy Samsung Galaxy S3. I myself just don't know if the pics are true or fakes cause it could be either true or otherwhise, they're fakes. Here is one of some pics that i found.

Samsung Galaxy S 3

As poeple say based on the rumor about, Samsung Galaxy S3 will have a realy slim body, only 7mm thick. Sure you know how very slim that phone if it is true. It means, this Samsung Galaxy S3 has to cut the thick of its connector and chip at least 10 to 20%. Also the camera must be jutting out some millimeters to meet the slim.

That is about the thickness/view, now let's talk about iner beauty. From all appearances, this Samsung Galaxy S III must adopt quad-core processor with Hdmi and Lte. Ice Cream Sandwich Os plus a stylus, 3D view, and the camera must be better than his previous version.

Out of the pics, the rumor is getting stronger after Samsung made a statement that they'll be announcing something on this march 22, don't know where they'll announce it. - But whatsoever is the announcement, one thing that they should remember: The fans are expecting and willing to have the better quality to the next release, better than before, no matter what's the name.

So, what do you think about the pics and release date, are they realy true?


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