Friday, March 16, 2012
Dzebb has just released a new opmin handler again, Opera Mini 4.4.2868 alpha 6.0 Handler. This is the update for his previous version and so this could (or should) be more perfect than the previous version. Here is what dzebb said about the new features he's added.
1. Download Manager..
2. Multi-Thread Download.
3. Inline Edit.
4. Sever Tools.
5. Clear Heap
6. View Url on Page
7. View Url on Screen
8. Dial key to force close windows (s40)

Note: There seems to be a bug in clipboard and template, not to work indidually, so "mark them both [X]" if you'd like use them. And one more bug, every after you use the Screenshooter you should disable it, otherwise the inline edit will fail. That's all.

Opera Mini 4.4.2868 alpha 6.0 Handler


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