Tuesday, March 27, 2012
There is a rumor says that for the next release blackberry will launch Blackberry 10 to rock smartphone market. According to what poeple say, this blackberry will come out with a TI OMAP5 chip and Qualcomm, they've been tested. The both are belong to dual-core proccesor 1,5 GHz, which, Qualcomm will run on CDMA.

blackberry 10

Some more common offers to know is that this edition will have a 1GB RAM, 16 Gb internal storage, and 8 MP main camera plus 2 MP second camera for video call. And lastly, what poeple are eager to know, is the QNX performance. Qnx is standing for Realtime Operating System (OS), i just don't know any further about this.

blackberry 10

Well, just wait for the next news, or maybe the next rumor exactly.


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