Saturday, March 17, 2012
Aakash is a real cheap android tablet from india that which the tablet itself has stolen a realy much enough interests of poeple in the country. To the first release this brand new tablet was sold for about US$10, and then later followed by the newer release that 's sold for US$35. Yea, that's true. You may say "Wowww... What a cheap tablet" about this. Just buy the tablet and then forget that you just bought a tablet, take you've just treaten someone a lunch that caused you spent a US$10 (please don't take this wrong, brother from india). That two releases were held some times ago, now this brand has already launched a new release again namely Aakash 2. For this release the brand increases the prise, now you can have this latest tablet by for US$60. - Now you can't take as treating someone a lunch anymore to buy the tablet.

Aakash 2 has 7 inches capasitive touchscreen display, 3200mAh battery, powered by 700MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, adopts android 2.3 Os. This Aakash 2 also runs on Wifi and Gprs network as well. Sure you don't wanna try this tablet if you've ever had an ipad, do you? - This Aakash 2 is realy suitable for child, yet it has a good potential to steal the interest of poeple universally. And, i heard a news that this tablet is supposed to come to indonesia on april this year. - Well, maybe i'll have to treate a friend lunch that month.


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