Sunday, April 08, 2012

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Well, after some share, now i'd like to give away some Ps1 games to play on your symbian s60v3 phone, and sure you'll need another help for this. Here we go.

In order to be able to run and play Ps1 game on your symbian v3 phone you can use the StyleTap Emulator for help, which the Styletap itself is truly an emulator designated for use with Palm Os supposed to stand for help in case of running Game or Application. But, don't know how way poeple modified this emulator, now you (symbian v3 user) can also install this emulator and take advantage of the function to run Ps1 games on your phone as well, "of course". - Not only Ps1 games, as this is truly a Palm emulator, it will also enable you to run aplications nor games designated for Palm Os just right on your symbian v3 phone. - Now, here i'm talking about how to install the emulator, pay attention though it's realy no complicated at all.

1. Download this Styletap Emulator 0.9.018 Plus and then install it.

2. Now download also this one: Palm Psx, and extract it to the folder "Styletap" or maybe "Db" on drive where you installed the Styletap Emulator (the folder might be here: E:/other/styletap/db, if you installed the Styletap Emulator on drive E).

3. Download the game and then extract it to E: /other/styletap/db/palm/program/ppsx/game.

4. Now run the Styletap and then select the PPSX on the option and you're done. Just click GO to run the game.

What you should note to run Styletap emulator on your phone is that it will take a large place of Ram to run, so make sure you have the Ram remains large before the Emulator. Also, it'll need 550 mHz proccessor to run games with 100MB+ measurement, so if your smartphone is not realy smart you might want to try games with small measurement instead of a large game that likely is more fun. To me, ScummVM Emulator is the better choice to use than this emulator considering that it runs well on almost any symbian phones and take just some place of Ram to run. But everything is up to you...

Here Are The Games

1. Moto Racer 2 (118.2 MB)Moto Racer 2

2. Mortal Kombat Trilogy 1.1 (67.5 MB)

Mortal Kombat Trilogy 1.1

3. Metal Slug X - Super Vehicle 001 (99.5 MB)

Metal Slug X - Super Vehicle

4. Card Games (83.8 MB)

Card Games

5. Billiards (151.7 MB)


6. Battleground 120 En (3.3 MB)

Battleground 120 En

7. All Star Racing (51.7 MB)

All Star Racing

8. Air Kombat

Air Kombat

9. Alexi Lalas International Soccer

Alexi Lalas International Soccer

Want Even More?. Check this: Game: Ps1 Games Nokia Symbian S60v5 v3 ^3


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