Friday, March 15, 2013
Mention Pages Or People On Google+ Plus In Blogger - How To Mention Google+ Friends On Blogger Blog Post? Can I?

It's a bit late to talk about this topic today, i just wanna write something. It's been 3 months since blogger announced their latest update, Google+ Mentions. With this feature, you can now mention a page or your friends on google+ easily in your post. What you have to do is just to write your friends name and add a + before the name (+John Smith).

The profile or page that you mention will show up as a link in your post, and if you hover over that link, you'll find the detailed information shown along with an "Add to circles’ button. Clicking the link takes you straight to the Google+ profile or page whose name you mentioned.

That's all everybody, just a little update from blogger. It's not something bad to know about this, it's usefull, and probably great.

Well, take care of yourself, friends.. I'm going home.. :)


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