Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S IV (4) Leaked Video, Photos, And Specifications

Well, there is a good news for Samsung lovers. Lately, people are talking about a leaked video of Samsung Galaxy S 4, and it's just a matter of time for Samsung to announce its date release for this smartphone. I myself believe that the "show time" will be held soon, it's not gonna take a long time, we'll see that..

As seen on the above video, this smartphone has a slim enough body, 5 inches display, support for microSD card, removable back panel, and 2600 mAh battery. The loudspeaker is located at the bottom left corner. If you're asking for engine, this smartphone adopts Android 4.2.1 OS (If not jelly bean, then it must be the younger brother), and 2Gb Ram..

It's all spesifications that you can have for now, wait for further specifications.


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